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Thu, Feb. 3rd, 2005, 08:47 pm
random ramblings ~ ~ ~

I'm at school and I just wrote my exam and it fucken sucked. Now I got half an hour to kill before my lecture.

It was soooooooo damn hard. I studied a lot, I really thought I had everything covered and she threw this at us. *Sigh*

At least I ordered a ring today!

It's beautiful. It's a dark purple stone that starts with an I, lol, I forgot what it's called. Where's J when you need him? And it has three diamonds. The big stone is a trillion cut, I do believe, which is kinda triangular-ish. And it's white gold, and a really unique setting. Total cost came to 500 even. We got an amazing deal because the owner of the store is good friends with my aunt. Thank you mommy and daddy! Seriously, it was a major deal because just the band alone retailed for over 500 canadian, and that doesn't even include the setting and the stones. so there! It's really awesome because it DOES NOT look like an engagement ring. Besides the fact that the main stone is purple, still. My heart actually ached a little when i was looking at rings. My dad patted me on the shoulder and said "The next ring you're gonna get will be an engagement one," and I had a gigantic lump in my throat. I am 21, yet I feel the pressure to be engaged, or at least have a g-d damn boyfriend. But it's true the more you want something the less it may happen. Oh haven't I learned that! Don't listen to me, I'm rambling like a lunatic.

I spent ALL FRICKIN DAY here at school, and I swear, I felt high the whole day. It's really weird, but I do. I left my jacket and bag in the class, I hope it's ok.

I miss my best friend :(

I miss the summer :(

I miss fooling around (sexually) :(

I miss getting drunk and having a ball :(

I miss flirting with boys  :(

I miss Israel  :(

I miss having money :(

I miss new wave  <------- I don't really, it's just Matt Good Band lyrics  :P