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Sun, Apr. 17th, 2005, 01:07 pm
concert updates



Well, I guess I shall do a concert update, because I just saw two in the last few days so I might as well.



Gavin Degraw (and Michael Tolcher) -

Um. Well first of all I couldn't help fighting off the feeling that I was waaaaaaaaaay too old to be there. The average age couldn't have been older than 14. But oh well.

Anyway, Michael was good. After the show we actually hung out with the super cute (cute as in a teddy bear cute) bass player, and that was fun. Anyway, Michael was just as good as I thought he was gonna be. And the funniest part was he got this chick to come onstage and shake her booty and he slapped her ass a couple of times and it was great.

After the show when we saw him, he said this pick-up line to my friend, and like an hour later when we were hanging out outside we heard him say the exact same thing to this 16 year-old, so we started cracking up and they all looked at us, but we couldn't stop laughing.


Gavin DeGraw -

His performance was really great. It was smooth, it was sexy, it was raw but it was flawless. He sounded beautiful, and watching him play piano and sing was just sexy. I don't think he's that good looking, but he looks better in person, and it's his talent that makes him so attractive.

Anyway we hung around to wait to meet him, and after waiting quite a few hours we see him come out with this nasty ugly chick who had pushed her blonde ass through to the front and made ppl so mad that they threw gum in her hair. So seeing him with her nauseated us. And then he dissapears for another half an hour, comes back out, meets one fan, and leaves. There was only 10 of us there, it would have been an extra 10 minutes to meet us, it was soooooooooo freakin rude. I was really pissed, it was a waste of my time. But we did get to meet Tony, who was his sub guitar player, and he was really fun, but insulting cause he thought we were in high school, even tho we're all (except for steph) in our 20s. And one he found out we were older he was more interested, lol.

Anyway, good concert and when I get pictures I shall post some.




My next concert was the beautiful and supertalented Kelly Clarkson.


She was mind-numbingly amazing. She was sooooooo great. There was really no words for her talent. and she was sick, and you couldn't even tell! I think the thing about it was that she had no backup singers, so it was just her awesome band and her unbelievable voice. She gave me goosebumps, and I really only get that from supertalented artists. She dyed her hair blonde (and looked a tad like hilary duff) and was wearing the cutest outfit and she looked so tiny and tanned and cute and just so beautiful and I will post pictures when I have em.





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